Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Brief Respite with Shameless!

We all wonder a bit how Ki keeps all the plates spinning!

You might be surprised to know that the lineup for the Fall/Winter issue of Flea Market Style  is fairly set, with some of the photo shoots already in the bag!
Additional projects are in progress, and Ki is making plans for the first-ever Junk Bonanza, complete with the inspirational Wedding Lab based on the first issue of FMS Weddings!
And...don't forget FleaQuest, her national online directory of flea markets, antiques shows, vintage sales, antiques shops and architectural salvage centers, in beta testing now and available soon!
So back to the original question! How does she do it?
Ki counts on three rides a week with her Swedish Warmblood, Shameless! Shameless has a barn nickname, Billy. A former competitive rider, Ki has been riding since the age of 9 when she lived in her native Lakeville, Minn.

The top photo was snapped by Emily, above, Ki's right hand with the Junk Bonanza enterprise. They spent some time at Ki's horse barn recently when Emily was in Los Angeles for a planning meeting. Emily was a competitive rider, too.
Both say there is not anything like riding a horse!
We believe them; their productivity is nothing to whinny about!



Margo said...

When I come out there to see you, I want a riding lesson :)

Dollar Store Experts said...

Thanks for sharing this. More power to you!