Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ask the Expert: Jenny Kompoldt and Creating Art with Junk!

Meet Jenny Kompoldt of The Junk Girls!
She is next up in the Ask the Expert Series on the Ki Nassauer Community. Her topic is Creating Art with Junk, and she IS an expert! A full-time artist since 2009, Jenny has had a rich career as a creative director and graphic designer. What began as art therapy has turned into a passion and business for Jenny, who creates wall art and installations, lighting, furniture and greeting cards, all constructed from found, vintage, antique and recycled objects.
She will answer questions on the Community Jan. 5-9, but you can start posting questions now!
Jenny will check in and answer the questions Jan. 5-9.
If you are new to the Community, just create a log-in. It's free and fun, and you can catch up on all of the other great exchanges that are part of this series!
Here are some of Jenny's favorite pieces:
1_JennyKompolt_Beauty_A_18x4x18 Dot_03_JG16 IMG_3016
JG 0069 JG 0068
You can find the information about Jenny and her Community stint, here!


Monday, December 15, 2014

These Shoes are Ready to Party, Thanks to Chalk Paint®!

Beth Peterson is ready to paint the town red, now that she painted her dancing shoes!
Beth, of Escondido, CA, likes to call herself a "do over" artist.
After a lengthy career in real estate, she launched Do Over Furniture and, she says, "My life has been transformed!"
That's not the only thing to metamorphose!
Check out the new look Beth gave her fancy heels, which have reposed in her closet for the last 12,  post-wedding years! 
Beth uses Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to fix her furniture and fabric finds. So why not try it on these, she wondered? She needed red shoes for an upcoming Christmas party at a luxe resort -- that was impetus enough!
Here's Beth's recipe for taking wedding-wear ivory to siren song red in a few short steps:
1. Use a spray bottle with water to dampen shoes.
2. Dilute a small amount of "Emperor's Silk" Chalk Paint® in a 50-50 mix with water. Stir well.
3. Use a 1/8-inch angled artist's brush (pictured, left of the shoes) to apply one coat of the diluted paint.
4. Apply a second coat before the first is completely dry.
5. Apply a third coat of the diluted paint.
6. Paint the beads and quickly rub them back, so they will pick up some color without losing their pearly sheen.
7. Dry 30 minutes.
Beth wasn't sure whether the fabric was silk or a man-made equivalent, and she opted to forgo finishing the shoes with wax or another sealer.
What great makeover have YOU accomplished with Chalk Paint®?! We'd love to see your photos!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Celeste Shaw's Package Wrapping Tips!

 Who doesn't love a gorgeously wrapped package?
You know you do! Here's your chance to get advice from an expert! The talented Celeste Shaw is answering your questions about great holiday gift wrapping ideas on the Ki Nassauer Community Ask the Expert discussion, now!
 Celeste owns Lucky Detour, a fab vintage shop, as well as the Chaps Diner and Bakery in Spokane, 

 She's got style to spare, and is generously sharing with us!
You can get in on the fun here:
Happy wrapping!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Prairie-Style Weddings by Fifi!

Ki is thrilled to share the news about friend Fifi's new book, Prairie-Style Weddings, published by Chronicle Books ($30) and available this month!

You may already be familiar with the great work of Fifi O'Neill, the author, editor, stylist and blogger! She is the force behind Romantic Prairie Style, the Romantic Prairie Cookbook and Prairie Style magazine! Her blog is also a great read!
Her new book "celebrates the effortless grace, simple beauty and nostalgic romance of homespun celebrations." We love that! 
These photos are a sampling of the hundreds found in  her new book, where she has transformed everyday sites into fabulous venues for all things bridal! Fifi says the book took about six months from start to finish; it was beautifully photographed by Mark Lohman.
The book was shot from mid-June to mid-September from Florida to California, and several states in between. Text was completed by the end of September ("Never again!," Fifi says!)
Fifi scouted each location and styled each shoot.
Prairie-Style Weddings is a sourcebook, but also contains 10 DIY projects for those who want to try this at home!
The book is divided into three chapters...
...with inspiration for bridal showers, rehearsals, ceremonies and receptions!

Can't wait for the book? Check out this video!
And see more of Fifi's great style on Facebook and Pinterest!
Ki and the Ki Nassauer Style gang send their congratulations!
Way to go, Fifi!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ki, With a Swedish Accent!

 Ki's fabulous style translates in any language! Here are photos of decor in her LA apartment as they appeared this year in the Swedish shelter magazine, Hemma Aftonbladet!
Flea market castoffs and great decor transcend country borders! 
The writer and photographer, in the states to cover several stories, spent a day with Ki, "full of laughs and fun!"
 The spread looks great! While the language is foreign, the gorgeous photos are not!
 The 10-page spread was written by Monica Karlstein.
Don't you love Ki's marlin? And the fireplace screen, created from a salvaged ceiling medallion!
 The photographer, Angelica Soderberg, captured Ki's vintage vibe beautifully!
Don't you love these pieces? The storage locker was a find from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, and the bedroom table from the Melrose Flea Market!
Fun finds, all!
Always on the move, Ki, of course, has switched up to a new apartment in the same building, so some pieces are residing in different places! We may have a sneak peek for you at another time!