Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Behind-The-Scenes: Junkyard Fashion Shoot!

We hope you are enjoying the latest issue of Flea Market Style! It takes a lot of work to bring you each issue, and the behind-the-scenes action is always fun!
Check out the height difference between models Jenny and Taylor in the junkyard fashion shoot at Freeway Building Materials on Boyle Avenue featured on pages 108-115.
It was a beautiful day on site in Los Angeles, if a bit chilly!
Yes, he was one of the junkyard dogs in attendance!
It takes a village to produce a shoot!
And a little fun!
Ki can't keep her hands off of the junk! She's always planning her next repurposing project!
Model Jenny will soon be Ki's daughter-in-law!
Lots of amazing arty animals inherit this junkyard!
Loved the lions peering over the roof!
Amazing stylist Jessica L, "J Money," put on the finishing touches!
Great junk could be found everywhere!
Love the turq color!
The birds gathered for the shoot!
The dogs made themselves comfortable!
Gorgeous vintage pieces were everywhere!
Model Taylor took a lunch break...
...and checked the prelim shots with Mom Ki!
Here was a face to love...
...and here was salvage to ponder!
This was a photo shoot with a "porpoise"...
Hair and makeup were a must...

... to create that vintage vibe!
Stylishness abounded!
...so did several games of fetch!
As did the hijinks! Check out this short video...
.. and this one, too! That dog had a lot of energy!
We hope you enjoyed the shoot! We did!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Towel Bar Inspired by the FMS Frames Story!

If you have your copy of the Fall 2014 issue of Flea Market Style you have seen the story on repurposing picture frames with 10 great projects.
What an inspiration!
Driving down the road one day, after my bathroom was painted, but not yet decorated, I contemplated what to use for towel display.  I could put up the old towel bars that I had removed before painting, but that is no fun.  What could I use that was a re-purpose, I wondered.  Everything I thought of was much too cottage-y or crafty. 
 How about wood from old frames I thought, and then it hit me:
  Why not just use the whole frame!  But how to mount it so it had space behind for the towels?  The solution quickly came to me. Use other frames as spacers and make a frame collage towel bar.  
   Picture frames are one of my " must grab" items when browsing garage sales and flea markets. They're inexpensive, too. Use paper forms to position the desired overlap for your frames.
You'll need a drill to make this project happen!

Position and mount the base frames first!

Affix the top frame to the base frames!
Check to make sure it's level!
I have quite a stash of frames and have used them for many projects, some you can see here.  

I hope you enjoy this creative use of old frames as a unique towel bar. This has become my most "pinned" project on Pinterest.
Go here for a complete tutorial!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Ready for Junk Bonanza!

With the latest issue of Flea Market Style on newsstands, Ki is getting ready for her Fall Junk Bonanza in Minnesota! The three-day, indoor flea market is an amazing amalgam of great junk and fabulous finds!
 More than 160 juried vendors put together inventive displays filled with vintage, antiques, architectural salvage and artisan-repurposed treasures!
Everything at the Bonanza is either 40 years old or upcycled from goods of that vintage!
 Really love the stuff!
 Come on over to Minnesota and join the fun! It is the ultimate in gal-pal outings!
 We hope you'll come and hunt and gather with Ki!
Learn more at www.junkbonanza.com! The Bonanza is just south of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul!
Are you in?!
 Get your Early Bird tickets here, and make your hotel reservations here!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Ask the Expert: Beth Swanson Lewis on Vintage Booth Display!

Looking for tips on great vintage booth display?
Or ideas that can translate to home decor?
Be sure to log in to the Ki Nassauer Community this week, where Beth Swanson Lewis will be answering your questions on styling vintage, today through Sept. 13!
You post questions and see Beth's answers, here!

Beth operates as Old Tyme Marketplace in Marshville, NC. An award-winning booth designer, she styles barn and pop-up sales as well as her spaces in two antique malls.
Beth specializes in the rustic, weathered and worn; all the things that make the hearts of Flea Market Style fans beat faster!
Beth has worked as a picker, shop keeper and designer, honing her display techniques as she visited national trade shows as a designer for a home decor and gift business.
KiNassauer.com is pleased to be able to share Beth's expertise with you!
New to the Community? Register here! It's free and a great place to share DIY ideas and tips, and to enjoy learning from some fabulous experts!
Be sure to check out Old Tyme Marketplace's Facebook page for lots of inspiration, too!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Lucky Detour is Open!

Here's a shout out to Celeste Shaw, friend of Flea Market Style and junker extraordinaire!
Her new vintage and home decor shop, Lucky Detour, opened last night to great reviews, judging by comments and photos, below, posted on her Facebook page!
Regular FMS readers will remember Celeste's home in Washington state featured in the October 2012 issue. (We also featured a blog post about her technique for wallpapering using sheet music and other castoff ephemera!)
She owns Chaps Diner in Spokane, WA, and has spent the summer renovating this 1200-square-foot, 1939 service station to make it ready for the new business!

The store is located at 1930 S. Inland Empire Way in Spokane, WA, 509-624-4182. Open Thursday through Sunday and by appointment.
The FMS team is adding Lucky Detour to its vintage bucket list! Hope to see you there!