Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Frame Works Project!

The beautiful "Frame Works" projects pictured on pages 56-63 of the latest issue of Flea Market Style mag  posed the question, "When is a frame no longer a frame?" The answer: "When it is turned into a dog dish, a puzzle and eight more cool DIY projects!"
We'll ask an additional question: What makes a project fun? Deadline pressure!
Project coordinator Jane Hall, a junker and owner of Mustard Moon vintage, found that out firsthand!
"We were on the way from Minnesota to Des Moines to drop off the projects for the shoot and we needed one more piece for the frame puzzle project," Jane said. "We stopped at a shop and found a frame, but then we had to cut the piece. We asked the owner if he had a saw and he said, 'Sure, go check out the old tools in the basement,' and there it was!"
As with most FMS projects, collaboration is key!
Jane foraged for frames and Patrick Stinnett of Robinwood Reclaim in Minnetonka, MN, built the projects. "He also offered moral support," Jane said!
And why was that needed?

Each project needed to be stained, but Jane retrieved them from Patrick before that happened. So she stained during convenient stops along the way to Des Moines!
 Temperatures were '40s and fabulous the day Jane and her traveling companion, Sara Smith, made the trip! Luckily for her!
The beautiful pieces you see in the magazine sometimes take extra work to get that way!
Thank you, Jane, for going the extra mile!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Styling French Hospitality!

Did you enjoy the "Make it French" feature on pages 28-29 the Fall issue of Flea Market Style mag? Our team had a great time styling and shooting in Vintageweave Interiors, a fab shop owned by Kathy Delgado!

Shot March 10, it took 6 hours to produce this 10-tip piece on how to add a French vibe to your decor!
There were amazing items to work with! Ooh la la!

Editor in Chief Ki Nassauer lead the styling crew, ably assisted by Kathy, Vanessa Britting and Taylor Nassauer. The piece was shot by inimitable photographer Andrew Herrold, whose car netted a parking ticket while he was shooting!
The contents of Kathy's amazing store were tres yummy!
Pillows and chairs...
...icons and baskets...


...more bottles and all of the gorgeous housewares featured in the article!
Assistant Vanessa was eight months pregnant and still working, though she did take a break here and there to check out Vintageweave's sumptuous seating. She liked this chair...
...and this one!
Many hands made light work of this shoot, though Kathy worked particularly hard! The obligatory snack table shot is missing from this post: With Trader Joe's directly across the street, there was ample chow at the ready!

Check out tomorrow's post; we've got another Behind the Scenes from the current issue!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Holds Your Business Cards?!

We love great ideas!
Ki spotted this one last weekend at Petticoats on the Prairie in Levelland, TX!
This ingenious vessel holds the business card of Laura Wills, proprietess of Basement Creations of Artesia, NM!
We've seen lots of clever holders for business cards -- from floral frogs to slide case holders -- but this one really tickled our collective fancy!
What ingenious vintage card holders do you use?!
We'd love to know!
Have a flea market-fabulous day!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Pack Your Junk for Air Travel!

Look at what I bought at the Junk Bonanza!
Now, how to get it all home on the airplane?!
Flea market fans such as us know it is important points to consider when buying on the road:
Size: Know the measurements of your bags before you start buying.
Weight: Remember the airlines have weight restrictions for bags.
Fragility: Breakable items will complicate your packing, and tend to be heavy. Purchase with caution.
TSA regulations: Know the rules!
 To pack for the trip home,  remember nesting is the key.  Use fabric and blankets and clothing to cushion and wrap items that need protection.

 Nest smaller items inside larger ones.
Remember, a box does not take up as much space if it's full of stuff!
 Fill voids with  toiletries and small items as well as with clothing.  Don't be afraid to take items apart if they can come disassembled. I removed the base of the stamp holder, above, to make it easier to pack, and to distribute the weight.
Place wrapped, fragile items, such as glass, inside less-fragile boxes if possible. This will protect them.
Don't forget the outer pockets of your luggage, which are perfect for paper, small items  and ephemera.

Be sure that any restricted items, such as knives, razors, and scissors, liquids (as in vintage perfume etc), are in your checked bags.

You may need to distribute your treasures between two bags because of the weight.  A luggage scale helps to keep you within the limits.  And expect to be slowed down in by the TSA, who will probably want to inspect the unusual items in your bags.
 Be patient and give yourself extra time, and  be helpful with the inspector. It will speed up the process.

Here are my treasures, all unpacked and home safe and sound!
 I actually had to remove 1 pound from my checked bag to keep it underweight. And the TSA woman had a giggle at my bags contents when I went through security.
Looking at this photo I think I have a thing for the color red!

I'm so sad the Junk Bonanza is over, but am looking forward to next year!
Mark your calendars for the Spring show, April 16-18!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Best of Decorating REPRINT!

This is what happens when a publisher needs more copies to meet demand!
Flea Market Style Decorating, our "Best Of" issue, has been reprinted!
The content -- featuring the best homes from previous FMS issues -- is unchanged. )You'll recognize that cool pink chest on the cover!)
If you weren't able to get it before it sold out, here's your chance! Enjoy!