Thursday, August 14, 2014

We Have a Cover! Fall 2014!

We have a cover!
The Fall 2014 edition of Flea Market Style is starting to roll off the presses!
This is what it looks like!
Be sure to look for the aqua "burst" with Ki's name on it!
You can preorder the new issue from FMS team member Margo here if you prefer to have a copy mailed to hunting one down!
This issue is chock full of vintage goodness! Can't wait to share!


Monday, August 11, 2014

HaveHeart Magazine "Hearts" Ki!

We hear from readers all the time about Flea Market Style has inspired them, and we know our readers inspire us!
This post is about how Editor-in-Chief Ki Nassauer inspired a reader to action!
Heather Niccoli founded her online magazine, HaveHeart, in January 2014. Editor Niccoli featured Ki on the cover of its most recent online issue. Niccoli said that's because Ki's honest answers to her questions about starting a business gave her the courage to chase her dream!
"I started HaveHeart because there is nothing in the media world that is aimed to make women feel good about themselves," she said. "[Ki's] a big reason HaveHeart exists, because she encouraged me to take a chance."
Flea marketing is all about inspiration, not only in the ideas you get, but also from the people you meet. Here's wishing you an inspiring week!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We've Got a New Community!

Today is a big day!
 FMS Editor in Chief Ki Nassauer is making a change to the place where she inspires conversation among DIYers and flea market fans!
Formerly known as the Junk Revolution Community, the Ki Nassauer Community launches today!
This is a great place to talk with others who, like you, have questions about projects, ideas for sharing and lots of interest in repurposing and loving castoffs and making them part of your lives!
One great big change: Ki has added an ASK THE EXPERT series to the community!
Kim Leggett from City Farmhouse will inaugurate the series,  answering your questions this week on the topic of incorporating Farmhouse Style into your home!
You can post your questions now through Saturday, Aug. 9th.
Get more info on the Ask the Expert series here!
Get connected to the Community by joining today. It's free and fun! Join the conversation!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Proofs are Done..You Know What That Means!

Here it is!
 The tiniest peek at one of the stories in the newest issue of Flea Market Style magazine, coming soon!
That pen? Editor-in-Chief Ki just put it down! She's been hard at work proofing the "blue lines" and!
That means we can potentially expect the Fall/Winter issue later this month!
We'll keep you posted, here and on our Facebook page!
We can promise that the issue is crammed full of vintage goodness!
Can't wait to share!
Have a great week, full of flea market style!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet Tom, Ki's Junking Mentor!

Do you have a mentor who has kept you inspired to create with your flea market and junking finds?
Today we wanted to share a wonderful Q and A that FMS's executive editor, Ki Nassauer, did on the FleaQuest website about her most influential mentor, Tom Howland!
You can read the piece here:
Have you signed on to FleaQuest yet? It is Ki's free, online guide to the nation's best vintage shopping. Use it to plan your junking forays and check out reviews from readers on shops and sales from coast to coast! (If you're a merchant or a retailer, you'll want to add a listing, too!)
It's easy -- check it out here!

Enjoy the Q and A with Ki, who met Tom in 2000! We'd love to hear stories about your mentor, too!