Monday, November 5, 2012

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities!

I recently had the opportunity to take a short road trip down to Fredericksburg Texas. It's a fabulous little German tourist town with lots of things to do and see and eat. Flipping through my most recent copy of Flea Market Style, I noticed that Ki's Bucket List on Page 13 mentioned a unique junkers' spot in Fredericksburg... so I just had to make the hubby take a slight detour, so I could see this fabulous place.

 The store is Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities, and it's just slightly off of the main drag of Fredericksburg Shopping.  I had seen some photos on various blogs, but what a treat for the eyes, to see in person.

These fabulous old kiddie ride airplanes are center stage, in this 14,000 square foot showroom.

Very "decorator junk"-centric, it has eye candy at every turn.

Many of the items have a definite European vibe and are probably brought back from the owner's many trips across the pond.

I fell in love with these bookshelves and the, oh so many, books displayed.

Isn't this just the loveliest mannequin? I wish I was a better photographer so you could see it better. It has wooden articulating arms.

Lots and lots of linens
They definitely go big at this place and there is no shortage of large statement pieces
As a retailer, I'm always interested in unique ways to display ordinary items.  Here are vintage doll or baby clothes simply taped to the wall.
Prices are about what you would expect for this caliber of store. The items have been picked, cleaned, shipped and displayed so it's not for the dirt cheap bargain hunter.  If you are looking for a one- stop shop to decorate that special European-style home and you are near Central Texas, this is a definite place to check out.  If you are a seller or dealer, it's worth a stop to see the unique items that always make our mouths water and to get some fabulous display ideas.

The one item I really loved were these lamps, below. They appear to be a conglomeration of bits and pieces. I see a laboratory retort stand, an old metal wheel or steering wheel as the base with an industrial light kit.
This definitely speaks to me.
Frederickburg is a great little town to visit. Besides a lot of antique shops. There is wonderful food, lots of bed and breakfasts and other accommodations, unique specialty and artisan  shops, a fabulous walkable downtown with a quaint old-town atmosphere and charm and very nice locals, always ready to help. If your traveling companion likes outdoor activities, be sure to Visit Enchanted Rock State Park and climb the rock or even camp. My family has visited this place 3 different times. Kids love climbing the rock and the trip up and down again is about an hour.

So if you find yourself near the Austin area sometime, you might want to take an hour detour and give yourself a couple of days in Fredericksburg. There will be something for everyone to do.
Auf Wiedersehen!



BB said...

That looks like a place I'd love to visit. I love "outside of the box" displays, and it looks as if there are plenty of those at Carol's store.

Cat said...

We traveled to Fredericksburg this past Spring, and were just overwhelmed with this fabulous store...which is really more of an experience! Love your's truly a must-see if your in the area!

kjpaints said...

Thanks for posting. I've got to get to Fredericksburg!

Stephanie said...

It's on my list - can't wait to go!

Mike said...

If only they had a place like this in my area. I'd love to buy lots of the things I see in the pictures. O well. At least I still have garage sales around here.

RSA Course said...

It seems like very mysterious to me. But I can't lie, its very unique and beautiful.