Monday, October 15, 2012

Q and A with Mary Kay Andrews Plus a Giveaway!

Flea Market Style's executive editrix, Ki Nassauer, found a great new junking pal in Mary Kay Andrews when MKA took Ki on a flea market tour of Atlanta, as featured in the Winter edition of FMS!
We thought it would be great fun to let you learn a little bit more about MKA, and celebrate her and Ki's collaboration with a great double giveaway!
Together, we're giving away 10 copies of MKA's newest novel, "Spring Fever," along with 10 copies of the new Winter mag!
To enter, click here, and check the box for which printed prize you'd like to win!
Leave your info on the form before 5 p.m. Central Standard Time on Friday, Oct. 19, and we'll let you know if you are one of 20 lucky winners!

And now, without further adieu, our Q and A with Mary Kay!

Q. Have you always been a flea market fan?
A. I must have been born a junker, I was one of five kids and my mom didn't have a lot of money and she would pick stuff up off the side of the road and drag it home and slipcover it. I got married young (my husband and I have been married 36 years!); we got married right out of college young, and ddn't have money. We furnished our home with things we bought at yard sales and flea markets and whatever.

Q. Do you have a favorite flea?
A. The one I go to most often is the one in Atlanta that I went to with Ki. My hometown of St. Pete has a couple of good ones. I haven't been to the Mustang in a long time but I try to hit the Wagon Wheel when traveling.

Q. Tell me about your Atlanta home.
A. We live in a town called Avondale Estates; we call it Mayberry with cocktails. Cheap chardonnay is my specialty! We live in a 1926 Craftsman bungalow that has been restored.

Q. What's your favorite find?
A. I bought a dish that looked like pottery; I thought it was probably old and it looked like asparagus. I paid 50 cents for it. I thought it might be Majolica. The dealer who bought it from me thought it was French; she bought it for $50 (and sold it for hundreds of dollars in her booth!) so I was hooked! Right now I'm at our beach house on Tybee Island (Ga.) and most of everything in this house I bought at flea markets or estate sales. In our living room there is a painting of tropical birds from the 1940s. I love those birds. I'm drawn to the '50s, mid-century types of stuff. I have turquoise lamps from the '40s. Some people might consider them tacky; they look like Spanish dancers!

Q. How would you describe your style?
A. I'm totally eclectic and junky. I essentially like rattan and wicker.

Q. Are you handy at repairing your flea market finds?
A. I'm not averse to repair work. I do a lot. If it's coming undone I'll tack it back together and paint.

Q. Which tools can't you live without?
A. The trigger thing that you can snap onto the top of a can of spraypaint so you don't have to use your little finger. I love that. Also my staple gun. I have an electric one now and my girlfriend helped me do a simple upholstery on a settee and I broke down and bought the air gun thing that you attach the staple gun to so now I've got the big guns!

Q. What three things can't you live without?
A. Estate sales. I love dead people's junk. They always have stories with them. And Diet Coke in the morning. I don't drink coffee. And my family. Part of the reason I love to junk is I am a nester and my nest isn't really complete unless I have my family.

Q. Tell me about your love of estate sales.
A. I can't wait to get Ki's new app because whenever I travel, whenever I have a few hours off, I am prowling for junk. [See for details on this nationwide directory, coming in 2013!] My new favorite thing is They have sales for almost every part of the country now, so wherever I am I'll fire that baby up and see what kind of dead people's stuff is available!

Q. If you're not writing or flea marketing, what would you rather be doing?
A. Cooking dinner with friends. We are great at last-minute, impromptu suppers. Tonight is our last night at the beach; we are having a fish fry. I love having my friends over and to set my table with my funky finds. 

Q. What's for supper besides the fish?
A. Baked cheese grits and cole slaw. I don't eat fried fish so I will have chicken. I do like to do an autumn apple cake with fresh apples and pecans and brown sugar. It's very moist.

Q. How do you develop the ideas for your novels?
A. They come to me in different ways. "Spring Fever," I dreamt the thought of that book! I dreamt I was sitting in church and there was a woman sitting in front of me alone and I asked her what she was doing there and she said she was watching her ex-husband get remarried! Next year's book is "Ladie's Night" and I got the idea for that while reading a newspaper story about divorces and amends. All were ordered to do this group therapy by the judges in their divorce cases because they had all done something very vengeful and bad!

Q. Do you ever tire of your characters?
A. Yes! By the time I'm trying to finish a book I am so sick of them I want to kill them all! But I don't perservere. By the time it comes out I think, "Oh, they are nice friends. I spent a whole year with them!"

Q. And your favorite?
A. Weezie Foley, who is a junker. I've done three books with her as a protagonist. She's a picker and antiques dealer. the stories are set in Savannah. I'm getting ready to write a fourth book with her. She's close to my heart because she's closest to me. All my characters have a little bit of my DNA in them.

Thanks, Mary Kay, for sharing your time with us (and for teaching me to Skype!) Want to learn even more about Mary Kay? You can check out her website here!

Don't forget to register at the link at the top of this post for your chance to win Mary Kay's "Spring Fever" and Ki's latest issue of Flea Market Style!



Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

I've read all of her books, she's the BEST! Thanks for the chance at winning.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

It is so difficult to leave a comment with your word verification on, who can read those squiggly words? & even the numbers are fuzzy. Try at least 2X times, and usually 3.

meadowlark said...

Pam, I share your sentiments over word verification! But my average is 4X to get those through!
Good job for you on getting by with fewer!

Layla said...

Love Mary Kay I stumbled upon her books years ago and have been an avid fan ever since would love to win a copy of spring fever as I've yet to read this one and summer rental :(

Sandy Camarda said...

I LOVE your mag and take my time-drooling over every single page! Your latest issue had me intriqued about Mary Kay's novels. I am going to Savannah, so I must get her Savannah book. I am also going to try and visit those antique stores you visited in Atlanta. Thanks so much for a great magazine and also for the chance to win your fabulous give-away!!


Connie said...

I'm a huge fan. Pick me!

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

Oh, my gosh.... I love Weezie! What a treat to read this interview with Mary Kay! Can you imagine going junking with Ki and Mary Kay?? Now that would be on my bucket list!

Cyndia said...

I'd love a chance to go junking with MKA! She's such a sweetheart, and so much fun!

CrazyBuzy said...

I am so glad to hear that there will be another book with Weezie in it. I miss her! I have all of her books and always put some on the guest room when we have visitors. I would love to win the magazine!

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It's exciting to wait for this book release. I'm looking forward to read that. Best wishes and good luck to the release.