Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Taylor's Wedding Prep: Spray Tans!

The non-conventional decor at Taylor and Ben's wedding, featured on Pages 82-89 of the Spring issue of Flea Market Style, was a DIY triumph!
"Altared State" shared the the couple's many second-hand touches -- and first-rate ideas -- for their October 2013 wedding. Taylor -- daughter of FMS Executive Editor Ki Nassauer -- shared these pictures and stories behind her golden fete!
The inspiration for the mannequins?
"I wanted something strange, a bit off-putting," Taylor said. "Something you don't know if you love it or hate it. There's a cool restaurant in LA at the SLS Hotel called Bizarre. They have a lot of funky stuff and it got my wheels turning!"
Taylor and Ki corralled the mannequins  in Taylor's backyard before they received their "spray tans" with several doses of gold Krylon in a can!
Taylor said the funniest moment shopping for the wedding was "definitely in the mannequin 'shop'!"
"It was hilarious asking if they had 60 'hands' we could buy, along with seven full-sized mannequins and a few busts. I think they thought we were creepy. We were posing with them and picking our noses with the hands," she said. "So maybe they thought we were weird, too!"
The fencing masks the mannequins wore "were my Mom's idea!" Taylor said. "They needed heads! We thought about many options and she had a fencing mask at home. We tried it and loved the way it looked."
Taylor's dog, Beans, wasn't quite sure what he thought!
The great DIY and second-hand items in this wedding took about six months to amass by scouring flea markets and other second-hand sources -- metal chargers for the walls, about 200 vintage glasses and other elements shown in the magazine.
Taylor rented the trophies used as vases at Found Rentals. "I found an AWESOME vintage champagne bucket at the Junk Bonanza and we attached it to a mannequin and used it for cards!)
Here's Ki fashioning hardware for the old lamp bases that were fixed up to use as table card number holders!
Taylor estimated she saved a lot of money and had a one-of-a-kind event -- while creating memories -- with her DIY wedding!
What flea market elements do you have planned for your next celebration?!