Monday, March 24, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Stacey's Sketches!

Does this look familiar?
These are the "thumbnail" sketches that Art Director Stacey Willey put together in advance of the photo shoot for the Top Ten Vintage Finds piece in the Spring issue of Flea Market Style!
They were brought to life on pages 106-115...right down to the color coding!
"I had to color them on the shoot so I could keep the background colors spaced out appropriately throughout the layout," Stacey said. "Tricky little shoot that was!"
Stacey said these sketches help keep her organized in her head as well!
Many of the pieces for this shoot were pulled from different booths at the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minn., this past fall, as well as from other flea markets, vendors and other sources.
Shot by Adam Albright, this story captured our readers' attention, too:

Betty Sorensen from Shop 501 in Chaska, Minn., mailed us this picture of her plates atop the layout from the FMS issue!
Studio shots -- these were done in Des Moines, Iowa -- require a lot of planning and meticulous work!
Here's Stacey and another of our wonderful studio shooters: Joe Crimmings of Joe Crimmings Photography.  Do you recognize that vase with flowers? It was one of the props on the single-page shot of the stenciled lamp in the "front of the book" -- magazine talk!
It won't surprise you to know that shoots for the Fall issue have been under way for some time!
It won't be long before another swell issue of FMS will be ready for you!



superbadfriend said...

Fantastic. I love posts about art directors. :)

Brenda said...

I always love to see what Stacey has been up to since she is a hometown girl. I applaud her success!

Greatest event that never happened said...

The sketches from Stacey is as wonderful as she is...

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Rushd Lady said...

The thumbnail sketches look like they would just fit in the sleeves in my atc (artist trading card) notebook collection!