Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FMS Weddings Cover Revealed!

Introducing...our version of wedded bliss!
We're excited and pleased to share the cover for the inaugural issue of Flea Market Style Weddings, which should be on newsstands later this month or early in January!
From the charming bouquet of map-made posies (styled by Elizabeth Demos and shot by Kim Cornelison) to the promise of great content inside, we think this new publication will rock your bride-to-be world!
(And you can pre-order a copy here if you like!)
It took a lot of work to get to this point! In the words of Art Director Stacey Willey: "Unofficially, it took 21 proofs. But that's with other cover options proofed out as well, with other background colors. Our final cover is at 12 proofs!"
Where did all those proofs go? Back and forth among Harris Publications (the publisher!), the printer, Ki, Stacey and senior editor Christine Hofmann-Bourque.
"We had to pick a logo and then the blurbs had to be just right," Ki noted. "The first is always the hardest as we are new in the weddings market and want to be sure to get it right."
Assistants Vanessa and Taylor had lots of opinions as well, she said, "and we valued their thoughts as they are closer to the whole wedding thing; Taylor is recently engaged and Vanessa recently married."
Whether you're planning a wedding or just enamored of the flea market lifestyle, you will find pages brimming with inspiration.
 Your wait to race down the (supermarket or bookstore) aisle is almost over!



Anonymous said...

I have been married a long time, but I'm anxious to see this issue. I love vintage weddings.

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ken kienow said...

just got the issue - it looks SO good! you all did such a fantastic job with the design/layouts, and all of the content in it is amazing. top notch wedding magazine - thanks!! :)