Monday, December 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes: FMS Weddings Focus Group!

We are excited for the January release of the first issue of Flea Market Style Weddings!
Work on the cover is going on now, but it seems like just yesterday when focus group meetings were under way in an effort to best target the magazine cover and typography as well as content to the appropriate audience!

The ages of the focus group attendees, gathered in Ki's living room, ranged from 27 to 34. Two of the attendees were married, one engaged, three dating and two currently uninvolved!

They answered almost 40 questions on everything from the type of wedding magazines they read to what kind of typeography would be the perfect pick for the cover of Flea Market Style Weddings!
Ki's assistant, Vanessa Britting, organized this two-and-a-half-hour shindig, and served as recording secretary for the treasure trove of information offered!
"We had a super fun time," Ki said. "There was wine and cheese and laughs, but the gals got down to serious business and all worked hard to fill in the blanks."
(They enjoyed some wedding-style bakery cupcakes, too!)

Vanessa noted that one of the attendees works for a wedding planner and had planned and attended "a ton of weddings." Another was planning her wedding soon." At the other extreme? 
"One other is a mutual friend of ours whom, I learned through the course of the night, had never read a wedding magazine before and wasn't that interested in flea market stuff," Vanessa said.
(We're sure she's now a convert!)
All the information was useful, Ki and Vanessa agreed, and both were surprised and pleased with the level of interest in using sentimental elements in their weddings, such as a piece of a mother's wedding dress, or re-creating grandparents' wedding photos.
DIY elements, and the chicness of using flea market style in decor, also received high ratings!
You'll be seeing the fruits of this session, and the beautiful photography, informative articles and spectacular design that have been ongoing for months, in January!
Meanwhile, we thought you might enjoy answering one of the questions that our focus group did:

Have you ever been to a vintage-inspired wedding? YES/NO
If yes, what specific elements gave it that vintage feel?

We'd love to hear from you as we're counting down to January!



Goldie said...

Yes, I did a very vintage wedding, The napkins at the tables were napkins we had collected all of which were old. They had "earrings" as napkin rings. I used old plates and cake plates to eat off of. My centerpieces were tiered serving dishes my mom and i put together from vintage dishes. My jewelry was all from the 50's. I told my quests to dress up in a vintage style and to wear their most eccentric hats! I have some pictures over at my blog! Even my wedding bouquet was vintage jewelry.

Vintage Southern Event Rentals said...

Yes, We own a vintage rental company where lots of brides rent our items for their weddings! Would love to provide you any input you would need! We love our business and the weddings are "Unique and Antique"! What makes them different is the atmosphere that is creates...not so formal and much more relaxing! The guests really have a great time.

Nancy Carr said...

No, I have not been to a vintage wedding -- well maybe since I am vintage and my wedding was a long, long time ago. I feel it would be fun today.

Marilynne Rowland said...

Our daughter's wedding in August, 2011 was very vintage, rustic style! One of the first in this part of the country. I made over 700 flowers from book paper, used coffee filters, and shipping paper as well as assorted wreaths. We shopped all over the South for vintage plates, glass candle holders, books, and various assorted items. The bouquets and boutonnièresI made from vintage crochet and lace we thrifted. We had many vintage family items such as quilts and my in-laws mailbox and lunch box we incorporated into the decor. We wanted nothing to look like the usual "cookie-cutter" wedding! The color scheme was white to brown including the mother's dresses!

Margo said...

Yes, actually I've had the privileged to have decorated for 2 vintage weddings and be a guest at another . I had a great time doing them but they are HARD work. Both turned out exactly as the brides wanted them and that is what matters. :)

Etsy seller ID: ruffbymargo
Pinterest: Margo Arrick

Lisa @ Lisas Creative Designs said...

Oh, I would love to have had a vintage inspired wedding! My wedding was many moons ago and I was not so in love with vintage yet at the ripe old age of 22! I have not had the pleasure of attending a vintage wedding yet but was contacted by a bride to be last year who was having one. She hired me to create a bunch of glass votive holders decoupaged with vintage book pages from the classics like Romeo and Juliet. They turned out great and I had a lot of fun making them! Oh I wish I could have been there to see them all lit up!

Anonymous said...

Yes. My daughters wedding and reception was held in an historic 1927 women's club, very ornately built complete with every presidents photo framed at the back in ornate frames. She cried. The beautiful brick wall of the stage was covered in various types of curtains and the man (only paid employee!) pulled back the curtains and a theme was born! Besides her vintage lace well fitted dress, and touches of old suitcases and typewriter and their marble table for the guest book, she had a company use a vintage book and replace with blank pages for guests to sign. She wanted to honor their three sets of grandparents so each table had different ornate to simple frames to hold a copy of their wedding photos of sixty years ago. Because my daughter strung buttons as a child, her last string was displayed on the foyer vignette table along with vintage shots of their engagement done at our pioneer village which is actually buildings and houses of grandeur from the turn of the twentieth century. White milk glass vases of various sizes and small vases sat upon silver trays scattered with her Grandma and Great Grandma's buttons. Her Great Grandma had crocheted scallop edges to a linen center nearly 75 years earlier. The center had been cut out, always intending to replace the linen. I'm glad we did not! My Grandma's hand stitching was beautiful as was her crocheting . My niece and I used this circular piece to attach buttons belonging to Great Grandma and this surrounded the cake, adorned with sugar diamonds and pearls. It was vintage. It was fun. It was not shabby chic yet very unique, quite vintage in the programs, invitations, decor but the best? Her uncle transported his pristine vintage 40's car down for the couple to use in photo shots and yes, he drove them to a fully restored old hotel a block away! Such fun for all of us and very vintage plus personal as well.