Thursday, October 25, 2012

GIveaway Winners!

Thanks for participating in our dynamic-duo giveaway of 10 copies of the latest Flea Market Style mag and 10 copies of the new Mary Kay Andrews novel, "Spring Fever!"
We thought it was a great way to celebrate Ki and MKA's newfound junking friendship

Debra Schut, Grand Rapids, MI
Teresa Piccinini, Bethel, CT
Karen Polisini, Hamilton, OH
Rita Doeden, Lake Park, IA
Linda Eckel, Fox River Gove, IL
Rocio Cereceres, El Paso, TX
Linda Lirenehan, Springfield, IL
Paula LeClercq, Warrenville, IL
Rahimah Lateef, East Orange, NJ
Geneva Saville, San Anselmo, CA

Sherry Powell, Archie MO
Kim Scott, Piedmont SC
Corinne Bridges, Calais ME
Susan Nystrom, Johnston, IA
Brenda Chenoweth, Mayer AZ
Linda DeYoung, Elmhurst IL
Kit Wojcik, Long Lake, MN
Mary Althiser, Fulton  MO
Mary Paddock, Canandaigus, NY
Shelle Miner, Elk Grove, CA

Congrats, winners! Your prizes will be winging their way toward you soon!



Teresa Piccinini said...

Thank YOU so much!!
so happy to see my name on the winners list and looking forward to my new Winter 2012 issue!

blesid thrifter said...

Just picked up my very first Flea Market Style mag... loved every single page! Thought I'd pop on over and say hello. Can't wait for the next edition!