Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Paper Tigress!

Remember this cool wall from the Winter edition of Flea Market Style, a wall in the guest room of Chaps owner Celeste Shaw in Spokane, Wash.?

Our intrepidly creative friend, Celeste, covered her wall with ephemera and a little bit of wallpaper paste!

"The greatest part of this technique with this kind of wall cover is that you can choose any paper," Celeste said. "Vintage books, old vintage wrapping paper, photos (scan and copy old photos to preserve the original), wallpaper, maps, etc."
She noted that the technique works great to cover a damaged wall, or walls previously covered with bad wall paper! "I used most of my grandmother's old books and maps," Celeste said. "I also loved her old how-to books about farm and cooking, and gardening. Where I wasn't able to piece together I supplemented old vintage wrapping paper and vintage wallpaper from thrift stores."

Her technique:
" I use heavy wallpaper paste. Just cover the spots to where the paper will go, and put the paper on. I would use a paint brush to apply more paste around the borders of each piece of ephemera, right over the top. It dries clear. Then, with a damp cloth I wipe the walls after about 24 hours. It looks so great, and I love that the sentiment is preserved!"

Celeste used this technique on the entryway walls at Chaps, where the walls "were not so good," she said. Here she used pages from vintage books and "sheet music from my old homestead."

She encourages you to give it a try!
While you're working, think about this: Your FMS team is hard at work on the Spring/Summer issue, so a cache of great new ideas await!



The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Cool, I think I am going to try that with vintage maps in my sons room and fairy tales in my daughters!

diaryofathriftstoregirl said...

My girlfriend papered the walls in her guest powder room with takeout menus from her favorite restaurants. It looked fabulous. All of the different graphics gave it a lot of interest. It was also an unending conversation starter and inspiration to everyone who has seen it, and a powder room is small and cozy, so it has a huge impact. Keep blogging and creating your awesome magazine.


rustdustandroses said...

I love this idea. So great in so many places. I'm thinking the mudroom would be a great place to start with pages from an old Sears, Roebuck & Co catalog.
Keep up the good work. Love reading your stuff.
Miss Ellie

auto tinting Surprise said...

Love reading this blog, full of inspiring ideas and adorable pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love Celeste and her Chaps Style!