Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shooting for Spring Mag at the Bonanza!

 Ki knows how to multitask, and her team members do, too! She planned several days of shooting for the Spring/Summer issue of Flea Market Style while the Junk Bonanza was going on last week in Shakopee, Minn.! That's Art Director Kathryn Kunz Finney (standing in, ably, for Stacey Willey, temporarily on the DL! Get well soon!) and Senior Editor Christine Hofmann-Bourque, in from Des Moines and D.C., respectively!
 This is the Canterbury Park conference room they took over for their props, mostly cleared out! (We can't really SHOW you what they were photographing, now, can we?!!!)
 They shot many of the stories right outside the conference room door in the brisk September breeze!
 Flowers and ribbon were used in abundance. Can you barely wait to see what they were up to?!
Minneapolis-based assistant Eydie Campbell kept it all on track, running items to and fro and doing the yoewoman's job of keeping the log of what belonged to whom! No small feat!

Can't wait for you to see their work in the new issue! The early shots are fab!



Julie Chicklitasaurus said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see the pictures. When does this issue come out? xo

Dicky Bird said...

I hope they put in the picture of Ki in early bird line - because I was waving my hand the farthest out - maybe you will see my hand in the magazine. ha ha

meadowlark said...

February at some point for publication!

Lively Grace said...

Already looking forward to it!

Fleaing France & French Shopping said...

So happy to see this going well. Can't wait for the new issue!!!