Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Shoot in Des Moines, Part 2!

 Here are a few more snaps from April when we shot the Winter issue in studio in Des Moines (so you can share the fun vicariously, of the work on Spring/Summer issue, being shot now. We're keeping the content of those shots under wraps!)
Does this look familiar?
Who would have guessed that this cozy bedroom shot involved cinderblocks and a free-standing wall?!
 Or that the mopboard is a piece of free-standing wood!
 There is a fair amount of physical labor involved in these shoots!
 Ki and Stacey, the art director, remain smiling, though!
 This is Adam's command center, where he checks the photos as they are taken!
 Cammie and Adam do a lot of on-the-spot tinkering to get the shots just so!
It's a smile-worthy event! We're already amassing shots from the current shoot to share! Stand by for more!



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So inspiring, love the flea market style magazine and all it's creative ideas. Thank you for sharing.

van fuentes said...

The cast are happy doing want they want to do. They are always smiling in spite of the challenges they are facing. Love the way they accept the challenge though.
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Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

FLEA Market Style IS SUCH A GREAT MAGAZINE AND THANKS FOR SHARING a behind the scenes look at what goes on!

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