Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pre-order your Fall/Winter FMS Mags!

Can't wait to see the new Fall/Winter edition of Flea Market Style?
We're with you!

Blue-line proofs are being gone over (and over again) before production begins!
FMS Teammate Margo Arrick, a.k.a. The Robolady, ships direct for those who prefer to have it sent to their mailboxes instead of driving to the marts of commerce to seek it out!
You can pre-order here:
While we don't yet have final word from the publisher, we are hoping the mags begin hitting retail outlets (and Margo's pre-orders!) by the end of August.
Watch the blog for more updates!



the shinning light said...

Great magazine. I always buy at barnes and noble. I love the great ideas that you all share. The tips about shopping published in the last issue was amazing. Thank you.

Shabby French Country Cottage Basement said...

Waiting for the new issue of Flea Market Style is so hard!