Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Actually on the Road...to Old Glory!!!

Flea Market Style mag's own Cammie Metheny is on the road to the Old Glory Antiques Show Friday and Saturday in Littleton, Colo.!
Here's the view out her car window yesterday (photography by daughter Madison), as Cammie's husband David and sons Jackson and Miles took the lead with the junk-laden pickup and trailer!

(It will be a 10- or 11-hour trip, so consider this a first installment! Luckily, they had homemade chocolate chip cookies to keep up their strength! Last night they bunked in North Platte, Neb.)

They are exhibiting at Old Glory for the first time, and are hauling enough stuff to fill the two booths they booked!

Their ETA in Denver is today about noon!

Ki will arrive soon as well; she is signing magazines at the show and sharing the junk love with other happy attendees at the storied antiques fair. You can read more details here!

Stand by for further dispatches!



The Whistle Stop said...

Rock their socks off Daffadowndilly's! I so wanted to go... should of stowed away in your trailer Cammie!
Have fun & take lots and lots of pictures!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Wish someone was on the road to our 4th annual Junk Fest! So many fun vendors.

Pollyanna said...

Can hardly wait for the rest of the story ....

srpprcrftr said...

Doggone it. we don't get our SS til the 27th. and we've only got 1/4 tank of gas and no money. good thing or I'd be on my way to that antique show in a heart beat. Don't like that trip to Denver (from Grand Junction) but I'd sure sacrifice to be able to go to it. They have nothing like that here in Grand Junction and the antique stores aren't open that much. I'm having antique show withdrawal. Please come to G.J after the 4th. wed. of the month ok? That's when we get our SS.
I've seen articles about Ki and Cammie many times so would love to meet them.

Janine Morrow said...

ISold at this show for several
years when I lived in Evergreen,Co.
It use to be on the Old Glory antiques shop property in Conifer,Co. but I think the traffic got too much for the police to handle from Denver to Conifer. This was always an amazing show. Are they going to be featured in your magazine in the future?

fashion-hot said...

I also wanna have a trip.

fashionform said...

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