Monday, April 30, 2012

Paris, What I brought home

I know you all want to see what I brought back from Paris and I promise not to disappoint.
Shopping day one:
at the Marche' aux Puces St. Ouen Market , each item with a story of its own. Below is a close up of the smaller items. Lots of ephemera in there as well.
Shopping day 2:
Vanves Flea Market, where the vendors sold out of the backs of their vans.
So many wonderful things at this small flea market, and the prices were a little bit better.

Shopping day 3:
I tagged along with Val to a local resale shop where I scored this lovely canister set.

Below are some of the items I'm keeping for myself. As a dealer I'm always looking for things that other people will want. But each of these things was purchased with me knowing it is what I wanted to keep for myself.
Lovely enamel thermometer, and iron English kitchen scale from the Vanves Flea Market.
Notice on the thermometer that at the freezing point it says "GLACE".
The scale turned out to be English but I don't care and at only $13.00 it was a bargain.

I love this rack, the hooks swivel and it has a wonderful old french label on it.
I did splurge a bit on it, but heck, I was on vacation and in Paris... so who cares :)
The hangers are also from the Vanves Flea Market
This label is what sold me on this rack.
Tiny little purses, (carried by girls to hold their church offering coins) and keys, package carriers from old department stores. In stores and shops of old, your purchases would be placed in boxes then wrapped in twine , these carrier handles would have a slip in the string to help you carry the boxes easily. They have advertising for the store where the items were purchased.
This is what I made from one of those tiny offering purses. The coin is an old French 10c franc, no longer used since they switched to the euro, and I chose the Madonna and child charm because France is so spiritual and filled with religious art, that these things will remind me of my visit.Be sure and check out my Etsy store soon, as I begin to list some of the other treasures.



Shahrul Niza said...

Oh wow. You had the most amazing junking time! I love everything you'd purchased and the necklaces ( you're so smart). I felt so happy just looking at all of them :)).

meadowlark said...

Margo, so amazing that you've already turned your treasures into beautiful necklaces. The little mesh coin purse piece is gorgeous!

Stampin D Amour said...

Margo - I dream of visiting Paris Flea Markets someday {once, I almost went to the one in Nice, France - but, the roads from Monte Carlo were closed on the day I was there...}

What a FABULOUS haul from Paris! I would want to KEEP it all, instead of selling anything...LOL!!! xo

-pamela ;)

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Oh I love the tiny little purses and your creation with one of them is just wonderful.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What treasures you found!! Love them all, the scale, the rack, and LOVE the purse necklace you made! That is just darling and fabulous at the same time! lol. Hope you have a great week! xo Holly

Jean @ said...

I can't believe I went to Paris last April and didn't visit any flea markets. Ugh! Love your treasures, though!!

The Savvy Seeker said...

LOVE the enamel house numbers!!!

Jackie B said...

Love your haul! How ever did you get it back. That's what always limits me on my trips to London. Do tell.

Margo said...

Jackie, My packing strategy was to have a completely empty extra suitcase. I used my clothing and some prepacked bubble wrap to cushion everything. I nested things inside of other things and got it all to fit. You can read about my packing strategy on my blog here.

country vintage clutter said...

Hi there, I live in Australia but i am really keen to receive flea market style mags subscription????? Is this possible, what do I do???

true-fashion said...

so many awesome things

Anne Farrell said...

I'm so jealous of all your loot, not to mention... PARIS.
I also live in Australia and would be interested in subscription.

fashion-sky said...

Looking at these things.i feel i must have a trip.