Friday, April 27, 2012

Flea Marketing in Paris!

Hello Flea Marketeers everywhere. I am so happy to be back from my Paris Flea Market shopping trip, which was out of this world fun, and definitely a MUST on every flea marketeer's bucket list.

Day one of shopping was at the famous Marche' aux Puces St. Ouen Market, which is too large to fully shop in one day. Fortunately, our tour guide knew where the best places, to find bargains were.

Do you know what those white things are???? they are balloon molds, Ducks and Rabbits.

Fun french things everywhere, and a few English and German items as well.

Our old is their new, Their old is very very old.

Wish I could have brought it all home.

The market is full of these alleys, every one numbered so it's easy to find your way back if you leave something to pick up later. Vendors are nice if you are careful to say "Bonjour" before you go digging through their stuff, and ask before taking photos. Many know enough English to get by, and with paper to write numbers and hand gestures, you can get through on your own, easily.
Here I am with one of my finds, This one a gift for my Son the Photographer. And yes, I did the tourist thing and bought a bag that says "Paris".

Some vendors push these carts through the market and sell right out of them.
I paid this guy 2 Euros to let me take his photo :)

Traveling companion and tour guide extraordinaire, Valarie, shops at one of her favorite places.

This item was fabulous, and at $10,000 precious as well. I think it is from the textile industry. Each of those colorful spools holds a thick thread and it's huge. Perfect for my living room wall, but I could only afford a photo. When I asked if I could take one, the vendor asked me where I was from. I said "Texas', (which the French love because they watch the TV show, Dallas) and he said OK. I later was wondering what answer would have kept me from photographing.

You can read more about my travels, and what I brought home on my blog and Val's as well.

Au revoir



Michelle Palmer said...

Amazing... thank you for sharing such a sweet peek!

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

How fun. I have been there, many, many years ago. This really makes me want to go back and do the market again. Wonderful pictures!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Looks like you had a great time and had lots of treasures to choose from.
My friend buys in France and holds these amazing lil sales I feel very blessed to attend.I myself hope to go this fall.She is attending a 200 vendor sale this May I am so excited to see what she finds.~Cheers Kim

Fleaing France & French Shopping Tours said...

So glad that you had a good time. The markets here are wonderful and you always find something different.

Greetings from France!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Such fun! Margo, thanks for "taking us with you".

Stampin D Amour said...

Bonjour Margo - Love it!! Thanks for these fantastic photos!!! xo

-pamela ;)

Sarah - Barn Chic Antiques said...

I love that you paid the guy 2 Euros to take his picture! Thanks for sharing your trip with us - I bet it was hard to pass up good deals that wouldn't fit in the suitcase, but it looks like you still found some great loot!


Patty D. said...

Oh fabulous! Am dying over that red camera with the sun or star on it. I want to go. Thank you so for sharing your adventure.

Cindy Craine said...

I want to go!! If you're planning another trip I would love to go with your group!! I'm a great roommate, I don't snore, I take very short showers and I'll go and go till I hit a wall! My email is Many thanks cindy craine

shell said...

Love the camera! I'll bet your son was excited.

Anonymous said...

Funny though that all americans answer the city or state when asked where they come from- as if I would answer "Norrbotten". Yes, that is right- you don't know where that is, do you? No, the first thing you should say is the country. That would be more respectful. Norrbotten is in the very north of Sweden. I have travelled a lot and also lived in various parts of Europe and Australia for a number of years, and I can assure you this business of answering with state or city is purely american. We giggle a bit and find it so arrogant, but really is should be addressed rather than suppressed so that is why I wrote about it to you. Kind regards Carina

Margo said...

Carina, Funny you should mention that. Sometimes we find that saying we are from the US or American get's us a negative response. I was advised by world traveler friends to say Texas. The show Dallas is very big over there and so they would know about Texas. If I were a resident of any other state except maybe California or New york, I would never say the state name only. I would never assume that someone would know the geography of the US who didn't live here. What is funny is that when I said "Texas" I always got a very positive response from all the locals. "oh" they would say "J.R." and we would nod and laugh. So I stayed with that answer.

vogue-home said...

what's that?it's funny