Monday, December 5, 2011

Team Profile: Kim Yeager!

Yesterday in a friend's kitchen during the 14th annual mother-daughter sugar cookie frost-fest.

Hello Flea Market Style friends! Our weekly team member profiles are appearing in no particular order (though Ki generously suggested I hit the lineup early to coincide with the launch of my web site and blog. More on that later!)

So here I am, splayed bare by the details!

HOME BASE: Minneapolis

FMS JOB: Blogger, contributor, project-builder, utility player.

"FROM": Williston, N.D.

DREAM JOB: "Living it! In addition to being a team member/blogger for FMS and the Junk Bonanza, I am founder/principal at Lark Nest Design. The decor/styling and refurbishing business is a hat trick; I get to assist clients/play with fabric/perform curbside rescues. (Shameless plug: I've also just started blogging there , and would love you sign on as a follower and visit the Lark Nest Facebook page, in support of a fellow flea marketeer!)"

BEDSIDE READING: A pile of Wall Street Journal clippings and "Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity" by Michael Lewis. Ex-business journalists like me never die, they just shift their interest to nighttime reading."

WOULD SAVE IF THE HOUSE WERE ON FIRE: "Besides family and pets? The door jamb that charts our daughter's growth!"

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Sanding deglosser, E-6000 glue, western boots and beautiful fabrics.

ON iPOD: "This presumes I can operate one. I am still trying to prove myself worthy of my smart phone."

FAMILY: Husband, Terry, and daughter Beret Claire, 16, both notably fabulous.

PETS: Rescue cats (Tony) Oliva, 23, and (Joe) Mauer, 17, both notably lazy. (Details for the curious: Yes, Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer was not in the major leagues when this cat was born. They were renamed from the dubious monikers 'Skittles' and 'Misty' when adopted.")

YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME: In the woods during tick season.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Old Law & Order reruns with a glass of Chardonnay.

DAILY UNIFORM: Jeans and boots/grown-up clothes for meetings with decor clients.

STARTS THE DAY: With and two fingers of French roast.

NEVER LEAVES THE HOUSE WITHOUT: iPhone, tape measure, paint fan decks, rope and a list of estate sales.

NO ONE WOULD GUESS: "I am a sub-par seamstress. Oh wait, everybody knows that! No one would guess that after a great ride as a working journalist on metropolitan dailies for almost three decades, I am having even more fun now."

FAVORITE QUOTE I TRY TO LIVE: "There are two kinds of people. Those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group. There is less competition there." -- Indira Ghandi.

Thanks for reading! Stand by for more profiles! And remember, the spring edition of Flea Market Style is only three months away!



Jill said...

Nice to meet you Kim!

Karla said...

Having meet Kim in person this past fall, I can honestly say Kim is truly an amazing person with so much talent and energy just bursting from her. Best wishes Kim, with your new business Lark Nest Design.

P.S. Kim, You still haven't convinced me that you are a sub par sewer or is it seamstress? LOL

julieann said...

I met Kim at JB this year. She had my daughter sign a waver to have her photo taken for possibly use in "whatever publication!" My daughter was just pumped about that!!!. Kim was just as cute and sweet as can be.. Nice to learn more about her here.

Crimson Heart Studios said...

Hi Kim, Sounds like a blessed life. I was a visual merchandiser for 20 years. Now I create fun art. I have a vintage garland tutorial and giveaway. Come check it out. Thanks, Cindy

Tammy said...

It's nice to meet you Kim. I love your sense of humor. You sound like someone I'd love to be friends with.

I enjoyed reading this writeup and I am off to peruse your new blog.

Enjoy your holiday season.

Margo said...

It has been so much fun working with Kim over the last year, and finally meeting her at the last Bonanza.
She's a blessing to the team.