Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grand Prize Give-away!!

Many of you have written us or left comments asking where you will be able to find the magazine. While we have addressed the question with the information we have been given from Harris Publishing, we can't firmly promise that you will be able to find the magazine at your favourite newstand or book store.

That power is in your hands!

Yes, yours. Let me explain...

As proud as we are of the magazine and as excited and supportive as so many of you have been, we all know that the magazine industry has been shaken on its foundation lately. There is the familiar bone of contention of the advertising factor. Without advertisors, there is no magazine; but too many ads, and we are frustrated when the content doesn't begin until page eighteen! The less advertisers, the higher the cover price... and why don't great sales of a magazine translate into a secure spot in the market place, anyway?

Well, I don't have all the answers, but one thing I do know is that sluggish sales translates into a whole lot of nothing! No sales = no advertisers = no magazine = nothing to read with our morning coffee except the newspaper.

So, here is your mission, and it is a mission that you will be amply rewarded for:

Contact your local  magazine retailers - book stores, grocers, drug stores, new stands, etc., and ask them if they will be carrying Flea Market Style. Speak to someone who can tell you more than, "I dunno," or "I'm not sure." Ask to speak to someone in POWER and encourage them to bring the magazine in! If you do so, (and provide the name of the retailer/store you contacted and their response in the comment section of this post) you will be eligible to win the following Grand prize.

(And yes, I mean all of in, all for you!)

1. A copy of Flea Market Style, signed by either Matthew or Ki

2. A vintage, blue transferware plate that was used as a prop in the Doing Dishes feature in the magazine.
3. A coffee sack bag/purse from Ki's Junk Revolution store

5. A copy of Matthew's much coveted and hard-to-find magazine, HOLIDAY 2006. Hmmm...might not be so hard to find this year, and yes, you heard right!

So, please pick up that phone and dial away!!

(and don't settle for an "I dunno"...don't you just hate those?!)

The directions again? Call, ask, comment (name of store and their response), and (hopefully) win. Oh, and all while assuring you won't have difficulty finding the magazine!

(blogged by Linda MacDonald)


Herself said...

I'd do it even without the prize!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

I am so looking forward to this magazine! I agree I am so tired of seeing way to many ads and not enough of the design I crave. I will be asking and letting you know! Can't wait to get my hands on the first issue and become a subscriber! Great giveaway!!


mitmot said...

will the mag be available in the UK?

Gwen said...

Okay, I have an 'in' with the local markets here in the San Luis Obispo, CA area. I just called the owner of Spencer's Fresh Markets and pitched to him why his stores NEED to carry this magazine. He is calling his distributor today and I will call them tomorrow to follow up while they are in the stores.

5 locations, YEAH!

Gail said...

Consider it done...I just spoke with Melanie, who owns a beautiful vintage/antique store in Portland, OR. She said she would LOVE to carry your magazine! Her store is " All My Favorite Things" 4419 NE Fremont, Portland OR. 97213.

vignette design said...

I already know two book stores that I can contact. I'll get back to you....

Life On One said...

I have just the place, hooray!!! I'm headed there tomorrow soon as I drop my little lovies off at school. Pray for NO SNOW!

The Little Red Shop said...

Will do!

: )

Julie M.

valthecraftygal said...

Hi I called my local Borders book store ,talked to manager -Deb- and she said she doesnt see the mag on their list-every district gets different mags'-I asked her to call the main company and request information on whether they will get Flea Market Style in, or at least find out which stores will be carying it, etc... she is calling me back. I so hope in Hawaii Ill be able to get a copy!

Pattygloria said...

Thanks for the give-away! I really want to win the Grand Prize! Or at least to get a copy of Flea Market Style, Fresh ways with Vintage finds,signed by either Matthew or Ki
I just called one of the three owners of Hub Cigar & Newstand, Steven Cleall. He said, they will be interested in getting the magazine, he hasn’t seen it in any of the lists yet and he’s going to find out about it.
Hub Cigar & Newstand is Western Canada's oldest independent newsstand. Ken Knowles sold after 44 years handling glossy magazines, foreign newspapers and aromatic cigars and he retired last year. There are three new Owners: Steve Tsang, Don Kung and Steven Cleall. Hub carries a small selection of books, a large variety of cigars, and automotive, hobby and craft magazines.
Hub Cigar & Newstand
Phone (780) 439-0144
8118 Gateway Blvd NW Edmonton, AB , T6E4B1

Thanks again,

north pal said...

what a brilliant idea!!!!!!! how cleaver of you to get us to kick start our favorite book store and get your magazine onto their shelves. i will do just that, but for me , it will be harder as i live out in the boonies. we are lucky to have a grocery store. but, i am going to give some calls. Here goes,Bestest,Denise

Nancy Reffle said...

I would Love to carry it in my B&M store! Contact me through my website with the info and I will get back to you!! What a Fantastic Give~away!!

Suzie Button said...

Hi there! I figured you could join me on the call here to Barnes & Noble in Firewheel Mall in Garland, TX.
(Ring, ring) (Annoying recorded message on location, hours of operation)
ME: Hello? Could I speak to a manager please?
UNKNOWN: Yes, just a minute.
(wait, wait) MANAGER: (paraphrasing here) May I help you?
ME: Hi. I love the magazine "Flea Market Style." I'm wondering if you'll be carrying it in your store?
MANAGER: It's not out yet, is it?
ME: No.
MANAGER: Yeah. See, that's it. Until a magazine is released and the buyers decide to buy it, I have no way of telling if it will be carried by Barnes & Noble.
ME: Oh, ok. Is there no way you can request it?
MANAGER: No, until we open the boxes I have no idea if it will be carried. Give us a call back in a couple weeks if you notice it on another store's shelves and I can look to see if it's coming.
ME: (exasperated!) Ok. Thanks (for nothing! NO, I didn't really say that!)
Yes, this was our conversation. I'm a broadcast real-time captioner for television as my job, so I thought I'd share the convo like I would have captioned it in my job daily, he,he!
Thanks for the giveaway! BOO on my local Barnes & Noble. REal customer service there!
Suzie Button

Raye Marie said...

I am so excited for your magazine. I asked the very nice person stocking magazines at my local Raleys if they would be carrying Flea Market Style. She said she believed they would. They are the best local source for magazines, and always seem to have the titles I am looking for. I will continue to count the days until I can get my hands on Flea Market Style!

One Wacky Woman said...

Would love to carry it in my shop
Contact me at 114 E Chance A La Mer NE
Ocean Shores WA 98569

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed to find that there are almost no independent bookstores in the Cleveland area. I called the Barnes & Noble at Crocker Park in Westlake, and the gentleman who answered said they had not carried Flea Market Style magazine in over a year, no plans to have it re-stocked, and that they had "no control over what was sent to their store". I could not even special order. This is sad. We're left with no choices, only big box stores who have no idea what people really want to see carried in their stores. Even in Oberlin, where I thought I might possibly find a carrier, one of the "indie" stores is actually owned by B&N. Well, I think I'll head on over to the link you have posted and place my order.

Jean said...

Just called Barnes and Noble, Taylor Street, San Francisco, and talked to Rashid. He is very vague, can't find it on their 'list.' Says he will transfer me to his manager. I get disconnected. I call again. Talk to manager. She is no help. Brand new magazine and they will not pick it up right away. I say there may only be one issue for the time being. She says she will check. She comes back on the line. She says on the local level they know nothing about it and maybe it will be in the shipment.
I tried!

Life On One said...

Visited my favorite locally owned bookstore, in downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I talked to Susan the manager and she was going to call the warehouse today!!! Normally, if you ask she can make it happen!
I'm very excited, can't wait til I can get my hands on a copy.
XO as always,

AuroraSuzette said...

I'm on it, baby. Can not wait for the next issue..I hear my Bffs will be featured!

Karen said...

I emailed and asked Walmart to make sure they have it. Otherwise, I'm hoping to find it at JoAnne's or Michael's, at least locally, since we have no B&N.

Hopeful Homemaker said...

I went to one of my favorite little local shops, Dear Lizzie, and asked them. They were unaware it is coming out, and said they'd talk to the owner and see about bringing it in. I'll check back in a day or two and follow up.

Jeanne said...

I can't believe that it's almost time! I'm sure this magazine will be a huge hit. I cannot wait!

Mary said...

I'm getting in touch with a local independent book shop to request they carry it - it's the only shop in my area that carries great international mags. such as Cote Sud so they have great taste! I will also ask my favorite antiques/thift/junk shop to carry it if possible.

Going to post on my blog about your impending entrance into the market - SO MANY of we 'junk gypsies' are longing for a great new mag. which caters to our tastes. Know you won't disappoint us - especially with articles such as 'Red Chair' Jocie's home - those are the places we long to see, with different decorating ideas using old loved things from the past, and addresses of where to find similar treasure for our homes.

Thank you and the best of luck - you have all worked hard I know and deserve recognition for your efforts. It's a cruel world out there right now - anyone who brings beauty and creativity to the junk gypsies is truly appreciated!


Herself said...

Harris Teetor in Boone, NC. Check
The News Stand in Boone, NC. Check
I've GOT to learn how to type a check symbol!

Shar said...

I have had the same problems as above with Barnes and Noble. I don't understand why they are so difficult. I want that magazine! I am going to ask my daughter in Atlanta to look for it.

Annelies Dease said...

I went to my local Borders today...they took my name and will have their "Magazine" person call their distributor. I hope that helps....I WANT this magazine SOOOOO much!!!!

serenade said...

Well I need to get this for my shop. I'm on the hunt now. Can't wait to see it. DE

Valeriote Design said...

I called my local Borders here in Northern CA. Spoke with Kim. They don't carry it and she wasn't sure if they ever will. She told me to call back in a couple of weeks. The lack of customer service in this store mind boggling. She told me that I might want to check to see if our local Michaels store carries it... believe me I will! Now I'm on a mission.

Emma said...

Petunia's in Excelsior, MN is going to carry it! Betty has already pre-ordered and anxiously awaits their arrival! Can't wait!

Low Tide High Style said...

I did this even before you asked! ;) Cecil's Country Store and Island Trader Antiques will be carrying it I hope, I told them and several other stores in my area! Can't wait!

Kat :)

hometown girl said...

called our local Barnes & Noble, they said it was not in their system but because it's new may not be yet. he said to call back during the week to talk with a manger about it, which i will do!

Traci said...

Oh how clever you are! *snicker* I just contacted Karen from Smitten located in downtown McKinney, TX. I have asked them to carry your mag and while they probably won't be getting back to me today (it is Sunday, after all) I have a very good feeling they will. They carry the coolest mags there and the have the most adorable store, which could very well be featured in Flea Market Style as that is very much what their store is. So excited....can't wait to see the mag. I've been waiting with baited breath!

Vee said...

Good heavens! How did I nearly miss this one? Thanks so much for tossing my name into the cap. This looks great.

Marcy said...

Borders is the store in town that carries magazines. So I called there and was told that the buyer of periodicals, out of their headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the one that decides what each store gets. The local guy couldn't tell me who that buyer was because there was recently a lot of personnel moves. He did say that if he had the chance to request that magazine, then he would.

I also checked with the local grocery store (Stop & Shop) and was told that the general merchandise manager would be the person to talk to, but they wouldn't be in until Monday.

I hope lots of people talk up 'Flea Market Style' so that I see it everywhere by the end of the month!

Barbara Schwenk said...

I called my Barnes & Noble here in St Augustine Florida and was told that they don't carry because they don't have deal w/that publisher. I asked how could we get the magazines in and was told that all of those decisions are done through corporate.

Not one to give up - I called Publix and was told that the magazines are their own seperate entity. The magazine retailers bring the magazines in and restock them so they don't know what could or couldn't come in - (hmm something to possibly look into)

Just to let you know I spoke w/the manager :)

I'm not giving up yet I am going to continue to call around - I really, really, really, really want the blue plate haha ;)

Red Door Home said...

Just spoke with Karen at the Saratoga Springs, NY Barnes and Noble and was told they are not scheduled to receive your magazine. Now I will have to make some more calls to find out where I can purchase a copy. I don't want to miss out!

Kristie said...

Called my local grocery store, Giant Eagle, in Somerset, PA and was told that they have a vendor that brings in all their magazines and that they don't have any control over what magazines they bring in. I asked for the vendor name and phone number. It is News Group and their number is 866-466-7231. I called and left a detailed message requesting that they carry Flea Market Style in my local grocery as well as any where else in the area that they stock for. I also requested a return phone call and will post back once I hear from them.

Lyn said...

I talked to my local Barnes and Noble and have received the same response as the others.

Restyled Home said...

Thanks everyone, for all of your efforts! I will be drawing for the winner tonight, so check back on Monday to see if you are the lucky prize winner.

Every little bit helps when it comes to spreading the word and we appreciate you all taking the time to help us!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ok...DONE! Contacted our most amazing local book center (Vero Beach Book Center). They have put it on the list. They recently lost the BIG distributer (who they say was horrible anyways) and are now using two smaller ones, that are much easier to get what they want. He asked what other mags I would like them to get too!

thesugarmoon said...

I called Barnes and Noble in Tracy, CA. I talked to Carolyn who looked it up on their computer. She said sometimes they don't know if they are going to carry it before it is released, but that she would look in her computer and see if it was available. She couldn't find anything about it so she said that probably means they won't be carrying it! I told her they should check it out and get some copies for their shelves.
Jennefer from The Sugar Moon

Blue Creek Home said...

Okay...I called Books A Million and the clerk, Ashley, had to look on the computer to see if they are going to sell Flea Market Style. Unfortunately, the answer was no. No one in power seemed to be there, but she promised to tell that person that a request had been made (keeping my fingers crossed) I plan on following up on that!

I also call Hastings, where the kid-sounding clerk said they were in and ready to go on the stand tomorrow. After, I repeatedly asked if it was Flea Market Style and not just any shelter magazine, he could not tell me if Flea Market Style was one of them. Duh! Frustrating, to say the least-I thought I was in luck!

Hopefully, someone in my area will carry it, because I really, really, really want a copy!!!

Paula said...

Last month, I spoke to Tim, at our local Rosauers here in Colfax, Wa. asking about the magazine. This was before I knew the date of release. They would check with their magazine vendor to see if they could get it in for me! I will be patiently awaiting for its arrival!

Crystal said...

I have already went to my local Borders last week. They could not see the magazine to order. I did give the name of magazine and suggested it would be a good magazine to add. They said they would look into it? I will ask my local grocer, but they are not open until tomorrow morning, sorry.
This would be a great giveaway to win though.

Elma said...

Oh I am so happy for this magazine and can't wait. There is just no good magazines anymore:( Called a local bookstore and they said they do not know if they will carry it:( Why is it so hard to talk to someone who is in the know???

Anita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anita said...

Barb at Sister's Garden in Kalona, Iowa is carrying it and I will be driving down there as soon as she calls to tell me they are IN!!! So excited!!!

Kim said...

I guess it is too late to call a store and ask for the magazine but you can bet I will be checking with JoAnn's and my local grocery store to see if they will carry it. I do know that I want to have a subcription.

Wendy said...

Count me in! This is so fun. I have a call in to Judy at Finders Keepers Antique Mall nearby in Marysville, WA. Also, waiting to hear from My Favorite Things Antiques here in Arlington, WA. Now, why wouldn't they be honored and thrilled to carry your beautiful mag?! Ü

Vintagesquirrel said...

Checked with my local B & N (Boston, Mass.) and was told that they don't have any record of that magazine. When I explained that it was just being launched, she told me that they have to wait until it's released before they can put in a request for it. I'll attempt again once it's released, and am also planning on requesting that my local JoAnn's carry it.

MMW said...

Ohhh I know several stores that could carry your magazine. It's Sunday night so I can't call now. But tomorrow morning I'm trying these:
1. Westlake Gifts in Lake Oswego, Oregon - your periodical would be IN IT's element here!
2. New Seasons Markets in Portland Oregon area. Seven boutique grocery stores.
3. JoAnns Craft Stores in Portland Oregon Area. Our local Joanns carries such a wide array of home decor and crafting magazines.
4. Barnes and Noble stores in the Portland Oregon area.

Let me catch a few zzzzz's then a-telephoning I will go. I'll report back tomorrow.

xoxo MMW